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Gloucester 9/22


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Sat 9/22 . . .

Well, the predicted conditions were 2.5’- 3’ surf w/3’-5’ seas, and spying the beach from the dunes at 9 a.m. things didn’t look too bad.

We ended up with 5 of us in short boats, and 3 in long boats, and everybody, it seemed, was ready to have a surf experience . . . but, unfortunately, once out there, things were not as lively as they first looked, and seemed to get even quieter as they day developed.

We did out best, however, to make chicken soup out of chicken poop, and nobody complained too much (except for me). For some it was their first experience in surf in a long or short boat (or close to it), and I think conditions were just right for an introduction. When it’s kicking, the surf at Good Harbor can run the gamut from big and peeling, to, more often, big and dumping, and I’ve taken some very memorable beatings there. Better, I guess, for everybody to leave feeling positive and more confident, rather than overwhelmed and beat down.

At one point, while the long boaters were practicing rescues, Bob and I headed down to the south corner and played out on the rocks. Though the surf was minimal, there still seemed a fair swell and surge (strangely), which we surfed through some cutes and over some corners. The short boats are so VERY at home in this stuff, and have intriguing potential for coastal rock play that needs further experimentation.

Thought not quite what was expected, not a bad few hours in the water . . .

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Roger's reports says it all, but misses the best part. To quote from his show and go, the trip description was "Messing around" and that we did. Some simple/easy surf, some rescue practice (on purpose) and many connections made for future paddles. The fog burned off just about half way through the morning and I believe everyone there had a good time. I'm looking forward to more adventures out there.


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