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Buzzards Bay / Pocasset... Et Al...

Ken C

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Certainly not the North Shore... But... Last week i found myself in the Cape Cod area on business and had the good foresight to throw one of the boats on the car. I crashed at friends in Pocasset, an area of the cape i have never visited or paddled.

With showers forecast turning to rain late in the day and winds forecast to build, i headed out early from Barlows Landing in Pocasset. I brought the Anas this day in hopes conditions would favor some playfulness.

Out of Pocasset Harbor i went South taking me to Red Brook Harbor and along the East side of Bassets Island. There was no one on the water save a few fisherman a light NW wind so boat traffic was light, even traffic in and out of Kingman Marine was light. Continuing S along Bassets and out the narrows between Scraggy Neck and bassets. Once around the tip i meandered along the west side of bassets, nice cruise occasionally finding some rocks to play slalom in. Man that boat can turn! Not enough action for much more as of yet.

About half way up bassets the showers started. Nothing heavy but i kind of enjoy paddling in the rain. I decided to just shoot a transit over to Wings Neck. As i worked out from shore and started to get out of the wind shadow, i got my introduction to some Buzzards Bay Chop! It was refreshing, and added some fun to the morning. Over to Wings Neck and around and out into the fray. The combination of a freshening breeze against the tide heading into Hog Channel and the Cape Cod Canal kicked up some interesting stuff! I head out just a it to get a better look. It was indeed interesting , but i had given my word to my wife that being SOLO i'd be good and safe. I'd be interested to know if that area sets up with the right wind / tide combinations. Most of the locals i talked with are powerboaters so weren't much help. But i gotta believe the Canal Currents out there with a favorable tide would be intersting.

So i meandered up towards Toby's untill i hit my turn around time. Then it was a nice ride down wind to the tip of Wings NEck. A little surfing with the new boat, played a bit in the rocks, had a chuckel watching 3 guys trying to launch a canoe off of Wings neck. After capsizing it 3 times, they gave up. It was NOT a day for canoe in BUzzards Bay!

From there a ride back into Pocasset to the nw entrance on an easy swell. A buunch of Egrets and Cormorants as well as a Great Blue Heron greeted me in the tidal area on the way in. Nice little trip, nice area, one i think i'd return to. I'd guess it's even nicer in the off season.

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