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Hampton Harbor Skills Session - Saturday Aug 11


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Skill Session

Time: 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Date: Aug 11

Put-in: Parking lot next to Seacoast Kayak on Rte 1A, Seabrook, NH

This is an open-format skills session. Each paddler can work on whatever they choose. A great chance for beginners or other developing skills to learn from more experienced paddlers. A chance for the experienced paddlers to "pass it forward".

Will start on the flat, calm waters inside the harbor and likely move out onto the open ocean to practice new skills learned in the first part of the session. Some may opt to spend the entire session in the proctected waters of the harbor.

All paddlers are welcome. Each is responsible for their own safety. However, PFD's must be worn at all times in the boats. Paddlers is recreational kayaks will be discouraged from going into the open ocean.

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