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Salem to Boston in 45 minutes....


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I will say the lobsterboat was the most steadfast - I really didn't think he was going to bother to get out of our way - definitley a unique perspecitve being the one that other people had to get out of the way of!!

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...aboard the Salem Ferry;)

What a hoot! Stood on the bow of the ferry both into and out of Boston at a top speed of 30 knots. If you ever want to feel what sustained winds of 30 knots feels like, try the ferry! It really gives you an idea as to how fast one of these catamaran ferries can creep up on you as a kayaker. Sitting on the bow, we bore down on sailboats, lobster boats, jet skies, etc., and the darn thing was not going to stop. A quick blow on the horn and every one skedaddled. Basically, these ferries seem to be the bullies of the sea!

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