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Solstice L2+ Paddle


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A wonderful paddle with great weather and nice friends. Need I say more? Thanks to Peter, Gilly, and Liz for their leadership. It was great to finally meet people that until now were only names on the message board or to paddle with some that were only seen in pools over the winter.

We left on time and made good time getting to Willows Park. There, based on the endless yabbering from Peter about "Chop Suey Sandwiches", a few of us tried these gustatory oddities. Let's just say that we will be choosing the veggie burgers next time.

At Willows we met Kevin who had finished being a guide this morning. He decided that we were not bold enough for his taste so he went off to find the L3 SNG group. While the L2+ pod left Willows, we were amused to hear Kevin call out on VHF 72 for the L3 group. Every two minutes or so. No answer. He started sounding lonely. But we understand he did find them near Eagle Is, so all ended up well.

We dipped inside Salem harbor where the Friendship was rudely absent. Coming back around towards Marblehead, we went inside Brown's Is where we met up with the L3 group (did they spend the entire time in this protected water just listening to Bill's stories??) and soon after the L2 group. Mixing of pods then ensued and we all sort of meandered back to Riverhead. Before landing, we were entertained by many trying "stupid kayak tricks", rolling, standing, sculling, etc. Great fun.

We crossed the road for dinner, and that was unbelievable. More food - good food! - than imaginable (this being my first dinner with NSPN, are they all so well supplied?)

I know I am only speaking for myself, but if I could guess from all the smiles I saw today, everyone had a very very nice time. I for one, am glad to be associated with such good people.

Onto photos:

L2+ paddle and a GPS track:


Solstice Dinner:


Couple things on the photos:

1) Click All Sizes to see any photo enlarged

2) I did not spend more than a few minutes editing these, so I apologize in advance for redundant photos or photos that make any of you want to hunt me down

3) Bob, sorry I didn't get one of you standing in the kayak...

Thanks everyone!


P&H Capella 163

Red/White/Black trim

NDK Explorer


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i swear in those last two i was just illustrating that my pants were too big and falling down when trying the ol cowboy re-entry. he he he i hope non-kayakers aren't reading this 'cause that sounds really bad unless you know what it is :)

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