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Great Bay _Horseshoe Crabs_Not!


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Three of us launched out of Chapman's Landing after a short rain delay. We paddled at a leisurely pace down the Swamscott River observing the Osprey's atop their nest on the powerpoles. After clearing the railroad bridge, we headed into the shallows of the mud flats at near low tide in search of horseshoe crabs. Unfortunately, the recent heavy rains and some rain earlier in the day had the water very stirred up,leaving visibility only about 4" in the water. We found only one crab on the flats, and never really had a good look at it. We continued to deeper and hopefully cleaner water, but that also never materialized. We eventually paddled across the channel in the bay over to Nanny's Island for a short break. The island was covered in evidence of horseshoe crabs nesting above the high tide mark. After walking around the tiny island, we finally found one frisky male horseshoe crab cruising the shoreline. Success at last! LOL Back in our boats, we took advantage of the incoming tide and had very easy paddle back to the launch. In spite of poor weather, it was a very good paddle as it brought three NSPN members together for the first time paddling together.

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Yes, it was nice to be "out and about" meeting good folks for the 1st time.

Our one lonely crab looked suspiously to be cruising the shoreline wondering if it was going to be his "lucky" day.

Getting "picked up" by us was probably not his idea of what getting, picked up, was all about.....oh well, we but him back safe and sound

to tell stories to his future generations...

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And how can I add to the above??!! Really nice to meet you folks and look forward to future paddles!!!! Learned a lot....and..did you read the article in today's Wall Street Journal about legal action in the Delaware Basin in reference to the crabs??? Interesting conflicting interests!!


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