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Portsmouth, April 28 and 29


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We can read books and watch videos but reality is putting blade to water. How many times this weekend did the light come on, “Oh, that’s what that means!” The opportunities were endless with the door wide open to try things not tried and do things not done before. Thank you Paul for the invitation to “notch things up.”

Everyone is at a different place on the learning curve, and that has nothing to do with being a “good” or “bad” paddler, which is how we judge ourselves. The attitude “I’m not good enough to do that . . .” keeps a tight rein on taking a risk and developing abilities. Is the glass half full or half empty? It is confidence that provides the answer; and we find confidence in discovering the ability to do things we thought we couldn’t. It was an extremely valuable weekend, exhilarating, confidence building for me.

Rick, I now have a card compass and can use it. My final exercise of the day was to figure the bearings on a trip around Gerrish. I did it (yes, he checked them to be sure). So much for timid virgins and whisky!

And finally, how much I appreciate the fine friends that make paddling such a pleasure.

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