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Castle Neck Circimnavigation 3/24

Rob Hazard

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A great season opener!

Dana Sigall, Jason Fouser and I, all in our new drysuits, launched from Pavillion Beach, Ipswich, about half-past 1 pm today, and headed south, bucking the wind as well as the fierce onslaught of the incoming tide at the mouth of the mighty Ipswich River. Cleverly we threaded our way from eddy to eddy to dodge the worst of the foul currents, then proceeded along Crane Beach to the entrance of Essex Bay, pausing only for a bit of play in the roaring 8" combers.

At the south end of Crane we stopped to eat lunch and test out the relief zippers on the new suits, before heading up the bay past Hog Island to Fox Creek. We had both the current and the wind with us the whole way back, so the return leg was noticeably faster and easier than the trip down the ocean side.

Particularly pleasant was the almost total absence of motorboats. We saw only 2, the first in Plum Island Sound, the second in Essex Bay.

We got back about 5pm, for a travel time of 3hr 45min. Coming through Fox Creek we saw the first Great Egret of the season (for me, anyway..)

A good paddle!

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