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Solo in Salem

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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Pulled up to Tuck Point at 1pm sharp with not a soul in sight. The temperature in the car read 28 degrees outside, so I sat in the warm interior waffling about whether or not to go. Fifteen minutes later, I'm afloat and heading towards Salem, and I'm glad I did. With a slight 4-5 knot breeze from the West, and just about slack tide, the conditions were calm and soothing. Since cold hands can be an issue for me, my prime reason for going was to try out my pogies for the second time, but on this occasion I wore gloves as well. The review I had read suggested thin gloves (obvious reason is that if the gloves are too thick, it's hard to get them in the pogies), but in the end I tried to use my normal paddling gloves. All I can say is WOW, were my hands warm. In fact, a little too warm. I'm sold on the pogies, although it does take a while to get use to them. So, with the concern about cold hands having abated, I was left to paddle gently around the Willows, past Winter Island light and over to the Friendship. It's always a hoot to pass the landlubbers on Winter Island as they gesticulate in my direction from their warm cars, most likely thinking less than wonderful thoughts about my sanity. Oh well, why live in this world unless you can shake things up a bit? ;)

The paddle into the harbor proceeded at my normal clip, and after one short stop for a bit of tea, I retraced my steps, managing a bit of free ride back on a flood tide and an increasing SW wind. All in all a relaxing, solitary brief time on the water, filled with introspection. It doesn't really get any better. One more reason to always wait to call the trip until you get to the beach.

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