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Sunday afternoon with the air temp around 39' and diminishing winds. Alex, Joe, Deb, Jen and I exited Clammer's beach on an outgoing tide. After some initial adjusting and hovering we made way on the outgoing tide skirting the inner bars. Passed a lone harbor seal and lots of ducks and other seabirds on the Gloucester side.

We had been told that the mouth of the Essex has two passages and did indeed find the inner bar just inside of the neck had migrated. From the high water mark at the end of the neck to the ordinary channel appears to be in excess of 1/2 mile. Definitely doesnt bode well for power boats but it could lead for some very interesting surf sessions. In a distance the bar by the #3 was fully visible in surf including the mouth. (must remember to check this at low water, last year I was standing up next to the buoy in ankle deep water).

From the rocks at Coffin on the Gloucester end there is one significant channel with 1-3 feet of water at approaching low running inbound parallel to the neck on the inside of a significant bar. About 1/4 mile landward a channel bisects this bar and heads out to sea, Water depth walkable to a foot of so.

The movement of these bars has made much of the inner bay a big sand bar with some much stronger current areas. Joe took Jen in tow until we made it to the beach. After a few minutes of rest Alex and I double towed Jen while moving our way around dilly down houseboat channel. From there we rode the current back to the front of Conomo where we were met by Walter and Bob.

The boat demo turned into a much longer and fullfilling experience for me. I am very happy with how a Valley boat and a P & H handled. Skeg up, Skeg down, in current, in wind, facing chop and broadside. The Capella 163 responded better directionally and the Aquanaut had more speed and freeboard.

On the drive home Jen remarked how much fun she had and how nice everybody was. Even while being towed. I too echo her comments. It is rare indeed to find people with a love of the sea, the patience of saints and care of all those they are with.


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