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Post Holiday Party Trip Report


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Thank you to everyone who helped clean up and set up at the Holiday Party . . . it was an absolute blast and thank you to Peter for sneaking in some single malt for me . . . if you'd told me ahead of time you may have won an award :)

Congrats to Kev and Judy for receiving the Paddler of the Year, Founder's and Traverso award!

Highlights including seeing a photo of Billy in an Old Town with an orange PFD, the AMAZING food, seeing some faces I haven't seen in awhile, meeting some new folks, and of course my tee shirt :)

For those of you I made give me hugs, sorry, it was the scotch.

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I demand a recount... I want to know how it is that Bill won the award for most vulgar post paddle joke (or whatever it was) and not you? I bet there's some dangling chad's to be found somewhere around the NSPN headquarters!!!!

Cheers, Joe

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oh i didn't lose it and if i had i guarantee it would have been returned promptly - i don't think anyone else wanted any part of it :)

as to joe's comment - you do have a point . . . i should have created an award for myself for most inappropriate person alive.

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