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So that's what a -1.1 tide is

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Normally I stick to channels in the Essex river. I put in at Clammer's Beach at Conomo Point at 2pm. Little mucky. Paddled across to the bars. The tide was really ripping. Even got to try out my new rudder without trim. The paddle was a lot more relaxing than it would have been without it.

Portaged over 2 sand bars to get by Crane. Paddled up against the tide and portaged 3 more times to come back out on the upriver side of Cross Island.

If you are into bird watching you would have had a field day. Lots and lots of ducks, gulls and sea birds. Exited at the point on the rock beach well it was really the edge of the channel. It wasnt graceful but I didnt swim. Carried everything down to the truck. There is something wrong with that though or perhaps I was really relaxed. Normally I would have walked back and brought the truck up.

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