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Five Days of Seakayaking at Deer Isle, Maine


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Last week I spent five days seakayaking off the coast of Stonington at Deer Isle. It was a solo trip so I took every piece of gear I had, including a new ICOMM vhf radio, two charts, drysuit, tuilik, and piles of fleece. I did not have a knife on my pfd, but that seemed a less egregious omission than the lack of a spare paddle. No matter, I would maintain a deathgrip on my greenland stick in the treacherous Maine waters.

Turned out I would have been fine with a shorty paddle jacket and sunglasses. The weather was amazing - warm, sunny, calm. Seriously though, I did dress for the cold water - the death of a kayaker at Stonington a few days earlier was a sobering reminder that things can go wrong. I was a little miffed that there was no challenge in the conditions, but Maine did offer me about a half hour of fog on the last day.

I'd have to say that if you are looking for a wonderful and leisurely place to paddle, this is it. Look no farther. Probably under more nearly normal conditions, there'd be some rough water too, farther out. There are many camping options, but if you want a little more luxury let me give a plug to the Pres du Port B&B. I found the reference to Charlotte's place in the book "Hot Showers for Kayakers and Sailors". It was a perfect base of operations for me.

One morning I passed a group of kayakers as I made my way out to Little Sheep Island. I knew I was in the vicinity of the Old Quarry Adventures route. Whoever hailed me commented on the greenland paddle. Was that Jon Sprague (I think that's his name) who posts here? If so, it was nice to almost meet you!

Mostly I had the islands all to myself. Mid-September seems to be a fine time to go there. Take a look at the trip report and see for yourself. Maybe it will convince you to go there too.

Deer Isle Trip Report

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Simply wonderful, beautiful report. Having been to Stonington and falling in love with the area, I can't wait to get back there with a kayak. Of course I will get the rain, swells, and storms you so much missed.


P&H Capella 163

Red/White/Black trim

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Yes it was me---you looked like you were having a great time---come back next year and I'll go out with you if you give me some advance notice--youre right the water in merchant's row and on the outside of Merchants, Kimballs and Isle au Haut can get quite rough---what islands did you camp on? or did you spend the evenings ashore in a B&B

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I stayed at a B&B. It was my first time kayaking there, had no idea what I'd find, and was alone, so decided on easy lodging. Now that I've seen it, I'd love to try the island-camping. Next time I'm up there I'll be sure to contact you. We can hope for big swells! And fog! kate

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