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Whoops, the paddle that didn't happen...

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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Well, we have a habit of multi-tasking too much, and today it rather backfired. A paddle out of Portsmouth? Fabulous! Time for a test drive of a classic car? Of course! Time to close deal on said car when we fall in love with it and still paddle? Nope! :( That was our story today. All geared up in the Jeep, at the dealer an hour before the put in time a half mile away, and then we were seduced by a British racing green convertible. Actually, Gilly had me convinced it was a kayak ;) Anyway, during the test drive, we realized that we're not going to make the paddle, particularly since we couldn't figure out how to get the damn thing in reverse! Apparently you have to pull up on the shifter...who knew? So after going in circles for awhile, along with pushing the little car when we couldn't get in reverse, getting stuck in the gravel at the put in, almost getting killed since most drivers have no idea what a hand signal is (yup, those are getting fixed were part of the deal), we managed to make it to the put in to let those expecting us that we would be late. In fact, it took almost two additional hours to get everything straightened out, causing us to miss it:( So are there more important things to do besides paddling? Absolutely not in my opinion; however, we do need balance in life just as we do in a kayak.

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After making a bit of a late start, (when will I learn about summer traffic through the Hampton tolls?)seven of us got on the water.

After introductions all around and a quick confab about the proposed route, we agreed to abandon the Gerrish Island trip for a less ambitious paddle through the little channels south of the harbor.

We stopped for lunch and a leg-stretch back of Pierce's Island, then poked our noses out into the main channel, which was thumping right along out there! A couple of the crew got a bit of standing-wave practice, but then we high-tailed it back into flat water for a leisurely return to Odiorne.

A lovely day on the water.

Hope you like the MG, Kev!


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