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Bailey Island Weekend

bob budd

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Fourteen embarked from the cove, breaking into two pods. Our pod went outside the south end of the island and meandered along the rocks, then crossed to Potts Harbour, rejoining the other pod. A beautiful day with sun and modest surf, we then continued across the harbour en-route to Eagle.

The sun found many lounging on the beach. A few of our number "took the tour" above. The rest of us moved boats up the beach and the rising tide sought to claim them. The waters were this day, and as it turned out all days, lightly travelled versus what one would suspect from the wonderful weather we had.

The return trip found us battling quartering winds and not looking forward to the trip back against same. Once we passed under the Cribstone Bridge the forecast storm was upon us. We huddled on the beach as a sheet of rain passed, then returned to the water. All were happy to find the rain had taken what would have been an annoying headwind away with it.


Large swells and a foreboging forecast cancelled paddling for some. Off they went to the Maritime Museum and other destinations. Several of us chose to investigate the considerable conditions in the cove and consider venturing out along the coast.

The cove looked like it always has when the swell kicks up. To the right were several low/underwater rocks that created unpredictable conditions. To the left were large waves with an area where one could pass relatively unmolested. In the middle was a long section that would more or less periodically stand up and break.

I chose to ride up/in/over the break a few times. When a rather large break appeared in front of me I found myself being pulled backwards. Holding ground, I dug into the wave and for the first time experienced a solid brace in the surging wave. When the wave passed I found myself partially capsized and completed same, rolling up. "Watch out" I heard and once again found myself capsized. My third attempt found me once again upright and I headed outside the break to collect myself.

Several others were involved in challenging rescues that brought a wide smile to Rick Crangle's face, as the pictures taken from the rocks showed. After being so trashed the notion of paddling away was quashed as the forecast was not promising and the swells appeared to be growing though a couple went back out for a bit more of bouncing.

Whilst meandering about the grounds of the Driftwood Inn I met one Gene (sp?) who knew our Jeff Casey from "Margarita Friday's". Apparently physicists ponder the properties of ice and alcohol ad nauseum when they imbibe. She had nothing but nice things to say about Laurel.


An adventure found three of us heading in our own direction toward the lighthouse some 4 nm out to sea. A mystery to us, we chose to investigate.

The rolling swell rocked us gently on the way out. Upon arriving we found a small cadre of fools in a dinghy without (at least wearing) PDFs and including a small child. On the bright side, we found two seal rookeries at either end of an automated light house with a bit more rock than the Graves. While Adam went outside the island, Dee and I were greeted by roughly a dozen seals, circling out boats.

Once we landed we rejoined Adam and lunched while a young pup surfed in to the edge of our little cove and swam about for several minutes. Adam had landed elsewhere and when we launched Dee and I waited for him to join us. A few seals followed us out, one so curious he came up to our boats to check our deck attachments. This one appeared particularly interested in my radio-in-a-bag (fish?). Neat now his dog-like eyes would look up at me as he craned his neck over and onto my deck while sniffing this and that.

Stopped at Eagle again to establish radio contact with the other group and found the taught twine on the launch platform was singing in the moderate wind. The balance of the day found us chasing the other trip, catching them at the north end of Whalebone(Whaleboat?) but stopping there to take a swim. Once back in our boats the day seemed to wear on us. A short tow was had while a sandwich chased a bonk. Crossing Potts Harbour several naughty limmericks and nursery rhymes were heard. The three of us crossed Land's End uneventfully and reached the cove as the others were completing their landing.

Thanks again to Scott Camlin for setting all this up while primarily on the opposite coast and volunteering his meager time at home for the likes of us.

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Thank you Scott and Rick for leading the trips on Saturday--and a special thanks to Scott for putting this adventure together for the likes of paddlers like me--paddling, hiking, paddling, lots of chips n' dips, soggy Maine pizza (what was that recipe again--oh yes, cheese and more cheese with crust), veranda, small talk with great company, laughs, "I'm lumberjack, yes I am" breakfast, lobsta boats with black labs, three ospreys flying above our heads while paddling soft rolling waters home--have I mentioned the fine company and good friends that I have met through NSPN? Yes, thank you all for a splendid time---les

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