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My eyebrows hurt


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That was the majority take on plunging one's face into 40 degree (as measured by Roger B.'s thermometer) water in Lanes cove early this afternoon. The experience gave rise to a new gear idea: waterproof and attachable Groucho Marx eyebrows. A niche market, to be sure.

14 paddlers participated and all but one got wet. :-))

I discovered that my Ravenspring drysuit (purchased 2 years before the "group buy" that has served me well) has delaminated a bit and leaks. Being a bit damp made me subject to getting cold, even though I was wearing more layers than usual. The cold showed up in my finger tips, leading to my big lesson du jour:

David Lewis told us about a skier's solution to cold hands: fling your arms back like a whip, many times in quick succession. It worked! Why had no one ever told me this before?

So, what did other people learn?

And, who made the great kale/sausage soup?

Liz N.

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Hi Liz!

Want to thank you for the warm hospitality.

What a wonderful day. Learned a lot about counterintuitive hypothermia treatment, as well sharing tips re clothing...especially the trickier issues re head and hand gear. There's gotta be an easier cold-water glove solution out there.

Also learned that my new Kokatat SuperNova leaks on the left side. Nothing like asymmetric wetness to cause one to walk in circles.

Hope to see you soon.

Still on for post-Thanksgiving misery?



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