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Nahant Surfing - 9/7


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What a way to spend the early evening - the surf was perfect, the sunset phenomenal and a beautiful blood red sunset behind the beach. What more can you ask for?

I arrived at Nahant much later than everyone else - it was 6 before I got on the water. I debated it once I got there - was it worth it? Low tide, long way to carry my boat, the waves didn't look THAT exciting... OK, just being lazy I decided - I had an hour and a half til sunset and decided to "just do it". AND WAS I GLAD I DID. What a blast! My first two rides of the night were worth the price of admission! I don't know all the terminology ~ but I was able to carve back and forth just like downhill skiing. Did I say it was such a blast???!!!

OK, I'm hooked! Can't wait for more!

If you are debating the whole surf thing, stop debating and just come out to play. There were people there in their long boats and loads of old white water boats and a few dedicated surf boats too!

I remember my first visit to Nahant was as an observer, I went and watched - that was 3 years ago. So, if you're not sure, show up and watch. If you want to give it a go, if I am there, you can use my Necky Ripp.


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Well Suz wasn't the LAST one to get there, but that's nothing to shout about. The evening was indeed perfect, I'll even add that the water was warm. I arrived at 6:45PM needing to log significant hours on the short week, dressed and hit the water, well carried my boat a LONG way to the water. I quickly lost one of my keepers (remarkably poorly named those) but darkness would have ended my night soon after anyways. I also learned why "Tony Tiger" takes two boats surfing.

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Suz, Nice to read your stoke! Once you're carving back and forth on the wave and reading it (like you would a mogul field), then you get closer to being at one with the wave.

A good surf boat will allow you to be ONE with and not controlled by the wave. May be a surf boat in your future. That finned Rip can then entice others to the possibilities, maybe. :)


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What a day!!! Mark and I started at 3pm and surfed till dark. I'm a little sore today, but it was so worth it. It was just so cool to see all these boats riding in and out. It was great to see some new faces (with huge smiles) out on the break. Can't wait to get back out there!!!

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