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Swampscott to Tinkers - 28 Feb

bob budd

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Once again the (relative) lull fell on Monday, my preferred day. With a persistent forecast of a windy and perhaps snowy afternoon we met at the Swampscott shoreline. Soon after plopping boats in the snow and inserting the gear we were at the beach. Marc and Brad quickly proceeded to the nearby moored boats whilst I returned to the beach to inspect my stubborn skeg. Ah, mud from Tuck's Point, need to carry a coat hanger to grab the handy hole in the skeg, rescue hook did well this time, and off to join my mates.

Circumnavigation of Marblehead Neck was briefly discussed but a somewhat shorter sojourn was chosen, a swift and uneventful trip out past Dread Ledge and past Ram Island en route to Tinkers. Many houses adorned the rocky coast of Swampscott, some quite garish with their two and three story windows facing the ocean. The wind and water were quite timid as we rounded the Tinkers and made for the beach between the two land masses in sight of Marblehead Neck.

As we sat on the beach the slowly deteriorating weather robbed us of most of the warming from the sun and we departed for Marblehead Neck to follow the coast back to the put-in. Beginning with "Mafia Rock" we stuck our noses in the rocks here and there. The swell was growing but still not substantial as we created a few photo ops.

See http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/album47.

By the time we reached Dread Ledge again there was a bit of bounce in the sea and modest surf following the growing wind and tide into shore. After a few rides and some discovery around the various rocks we headed in to the beach.

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