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A Winter's Day Tour - January 30th


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Jim Rice, myself, Adam and Yvonne set out for some light touring about noon yesterday. We had found easy access and good conditions on the South Shore and the weather was perfect with bright sun and no wind. We decided that drysuits and hoods weren't necessary given the fine weather. We tacitly assigned Adam as trip leader given his knowledge of the area and experience. As we headed out, Yvonne was having some technical issues and Jim and I quickly found ourselves well ahead of the others. Wanting to be good team members, we doubled back, gliding up to Adam and Yvonne to check in. None of us had radios with us. As we headed further out, much to my shock and disbelief, I went over, but quickly self-rescued. I didn't feel cold, and attributed it to the good breakfast I had eaten before setting out. However, I may have been more compromised than I realized, because after a bit, I was over again. After self-rescuing a second time, I became more cautious, but I still didn't feel cold.

As the day progressed, conditions got a bit more challenging and Yvonne also got dumped. After an assisted rescue, she was quite chilled and had hurt her thumb. We didn't have a proper first aid kit and it was touch and go for a bit as we weren't sure if she would be able to continue unassisted. We discussed our options for how to get her safely back to the vehicles. Finally, wearing a makeshift splint contrived from a bandana and duct tape, she was able to keep going. As we started back, we ran into some bigger stuff, and Jim also went over, coming up with a severe ice cream headache with icewater all over his head. His hair and sunglasses were frozen. After a few minutes, he was all right and we continued on.

Eventually, we all returned safely, having enjoyed a fine afternoon of cross-country skiing.

Mark Stephens

Benner 601s, White with Red Trim

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Mark, good story.

On Saturday, I spent 4 hours on my skis in Harold Parker Forest, just a few minutes from my house in Andover.

They were the best conditions I've seen in may years and its a very larger area. Once a 1/2 mile away from a parking lot, its just the two ski tracks, no more foot prints or dog poop, @#$% !!

As I was leaving the area, I was passed by an illegally operated snowmobile. They are not allowed in there but without law enforcement, who's to stop them. Also Saturday some teenagers were running their machines illegally in another Andover conservation land and hit trees killing one kid.

Last winter, the 35 year old US National Marathon K-1 Champ and new father, was run over and killed by a snowmobile while x-c skiing near his home in CT.

So I say this just to remind us all that if you hear a snow machine coming, right or wrong, get well off the trail, maybe behind a big tree, that's the only thing that seems to stop them.


Kahru (old-beat ups ?)

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