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Salem Sound January 9th, 2005

Bill Gwynn

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Five brave souls met at Lynch Park in Beverly at 9:30 for a easy paddle around Salem Sound. The put-in was great with snow covered grass that the boats slid over easily to a very high spring tide beach right at the edge of the snow. Very easy launch.

We headed out with calm seas and a light 8 knot breeze from the north and set a heading of 120 degrees towards Eagle Island via Great Haste. As we headed across I decided I was over dressed and decided to make a pit stop at Coney Island so I could remove one layer from my top. From there we headed around the south side of Eagle Island, then over to North Gooseberry with the intentions of stopping there for lunch. Once we arrived at North Gooseberry we had a group meeting and decided the landing was less than perfect and changed our lunch plans to Misery Island instead with a quick trip around Bakers Island on the way. Roger did make a quick landing to adjust a footpeg. Once we got out around the North-East side of Bakers, the seas were a little rougher with some swell, but still relatively calm. On the crossing from Bakers to Misery I decided to see how fast my new Aquanaut would go and found out it is considerably faster than my Avocet. I got to Cocktail Cove at Misery in no time at all, I even beat Roger who is usually the first one everywhere.

We had a wonderfull long relaxing lunch on Misery. Brad made espresso and spaghetti. Walter made peanut butter and the best blueberry preserves i've ever had sandwiches. The usual banter was had with lots of laughs, this is what kayaking with your friends is all about.

We left Misery, and decided to head across to West Beach and follow the coast back towards the put-in. The seas were almost completly flat and the wind was non-existant. Once we got back to the put-in at about 4:00 (low tide), we weren't even sure is was the same place. We could see the beach where we started, but is was a good 200 yards away. Thankfully the sand was not too soft, and the portage to the beach was done in pairs. Werner and Roger volunteered to carry Walters boat (no easy task). Brad (the real man) carried his boat himself after helping me with mine. Nothing like a good workout to end the day.

Pictures by me can be seen at: [http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/010905]

Pictures by Brad can be seen at: [http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/album38]

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