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Rockport 12/12/2004

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Another day in the rocks, and some more repair work needed.

They must call it "rip rap" because of the sound a kayak makes when thrown onto it broad side. The quarried areas should be avoided or looked at carefully for rock play.



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You would think after witnesing Werner's ride into the rocks two weeks ago, I would have learned something...apparently not!!! I was too close to the rip-rap...big wave...bongo ride into and up onto the rip-rap rocks. I did some pretty extensive damage, the picture of my bow shows a portion of the damage, but I have gel-coat damage in various spots down the whole length of the boat. Also I actually broke the seam (about a foot long) right by the cockpit. Ken commented that my crash was so violent, that he was very surprised that the boat fared as well as it did. I ripped a small hole in my dry suit, all-in-all a heck of a way to start the day. Thankfully no personal injuries, except for my pride. I guess I will paying a visit to Straz Kayaks for some repair work.

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Well yes, I am preoccupied with my new toy, but I can't exactly set up a tripod and take a photo of myself. ( Wouldn't you like to see some new photos for our web site? too many flat water shots or standing on beaches, not enough Sea Kayaking !! )

With this camera, I need to be right on top of the subject to get a good shot with its wide angle lens. I got some good shots of Roger. I had no photo of Bill's ride is because I was near him in some ledges when the wave came in, but I backed out!!. I feel bad for him. There he was, close in, testing and pushing it a little and just gets nailed by a wave that must have not repeated the rest of the day. He did a great job getting out of the situation from up in the rocks. He jumped out, tossed the boat back in and swam out to get back in.

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I bet the open,"porous" stacking of rip-rap makes it more dangerous, since water can drain away through it more quickly than it can off natural stone formations. It's a strainer, like a fallen tree in a moving river.

Anyway, yesterday's paddle sure was a great learning experience for me. A lot of fun, too, though "fun" wouldn't have been the topmost word on my mind as I struggled to keep up with you guys pounding around Halibut Point!

Thanks for posting the pictures, Ken.



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