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Marblehead to Bakers Island

Bill Gwynn

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What a day! The weather was spectacular. We put-in at 11am at Dolibers Cove in Marblehead with virtually flat seas and little wind. Not very challenging, but a great day to relax and enjoy the scenery. We headed directly for Childrens Island and passed between Childrens and Cormorant Rock, then over to Satan Rock, then over to a small boat with two divers getting ready to go hunting for Scallops. Next heading was to South Gooseberry Island and a trip around this small island, then over to North Gooseberry Island for a lunch break. After a relaxing lunch and some picture taking we decided to head over to Bakers Island and circumnavigate this island that is populated with lots of summer homes and a small lighthouse on the northern end. It didn't look like anyone was on the Island and all the homes appeared to be closed up for the winter. From there we basically took a direct heading back to Dolibers Cove, we passed Eagle Island and Grays Rock on the way, landing at Dolibers just about 3pm. Total trip distance 9 miles.

Pictures I took: [http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/112304],

pictures my brother took: [http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/brad_112304]

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