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Elizabeths 10-6-04


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Woods Hole – Elizabeth Islands Wednesday 10/6/04

Weather: Bright Sunny mid 60’s 5-10nw shifting 10-15sw late morning

Mark Stephens - Charlie Rafferty (aka Rafferty the piper) - Peter McLaughlin

Peter met Mark in So Carver, @ Erikson’s Ice cream 7am - arr at the Woods Hole ramp 7:50am to Charlie getting ready on the ramp - launched 8:35 with our piper playing the Naval tune as we headed out of Great Harbor & across a fairly benign Hole and 15 min later arrived warm & bright at the shallows of Nonamesset. Charlie began by stripping off his heaviest layer of fleece; and smartass Mark says “this is how I cool off” as he rolled over, missed his roll, and Peter’s bow assist attempt, only to come up having lost his prescription sunglasses and by pulling on his hydration line on the exit – lost his deck-bag of water for the day. Such a bummer!

Rounded Nonamesset to a beautiful view of the vineyard – you could just about make out tree details – and across Lackey's Bay, former home to Gretchen, the now-famous Great white shark (who purportedly left Monday) along Naushon Isl, past Tarpaulin Cove, landing for a stretch below the lighthouse there. Then on into Robinson's Hole, lunch in there on Pasque Isl to the serenade of Charlie's bagpipes – Charlie shared a big Newman’s chocolate bar, with ground espresso beans. Rather Tasty! We decided to extend the trip around Pasque via the rocky east side of Quick's Hole and back again offshore a ways via Buzzards Bay, favorable winds & current – averaging 4kts to an extended stretch (after 3hrs non-stop) at the beach on Weepecket Islands, another opportunity for the piper to fire up his bagpipes; and get some more pictures. Then back thru the Northeast Gutter (between Uncatena & Naushon) and around Bull Isl. into Hadleys Harbor and back across the Hole – (not a single boat in view all the way north and South) around the outermost tip of Penzance Point into Great Harbor; sighting of the Great White shark in the middle of harbor (see pix) landing at 4:40pm. I'll add tired but accomplished, picture perfect day and great conditions for this long trip! A post paddle celebration to end the day? YES!

Estimated 20nm (23mi) - TOPO! Says 25mi (ran GPS from lunch; read 11.58nm)

PPPO @ Marc Anthony's in Onset - met Eileen Kusky there for pizza, salad & pitchers Bass Ale

Peter McLaughlin

Plymouth, MA

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