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Invasive Island: Misery Loves Company


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COMING TO DVD: Invasive Island

Directed by: Bethany Ericson

Genre: Thriller

Tagline: Misery Loves Company

Plot Outline: Great Misery Island is home to loud underachieving visitors with big-motored boats, napping kayakers, and picturesque ruins of a fascinating history of misfits and money. This hideaway oasis catches the eye of Honeysuckle, the bewitchingly beautiful, egomanical leader of Invasive Species, the fastest growing flora corp in the country. Honeysuckle hatches a plot to take over Great Misery.

Loveable Ranger Jim of the Trustees of Reservations believes in relying on his wits and won't pack toxic chemicals. But, he can't keep up with the fast growth of Invasive Species on his own. Honeysuckle sends in diversions like the fiesty redberry known to some as Bittersweet. Meanwhile, Honeysuckle herself has blocked the view to Ranger Jim's available reinforcements , The Fleet of Cocktail Cove, with her distracting body, addictive perfume, and plush poison ivy accessories.

Will Jim have to resort to polluting the land with toxins? Perhaps not: It seems that some of the ecclectic visitors to this slacker paradise on a fateful September Saturday include kayakers with mad Kung Fu skills, self-styled pirates of the two-mile paddle with snack stops, masters of the oft-ignored time out space between the open ocean and refracting waves, the odd boaters carrying metal loppers who are too relaxed to vandalize moorings or steal lobster. Ranger Jim joins forces with NSPN to fight against the odds--and their own ineptitude--to try to save Great Misery Island. How? NSPN's paddle-strong arms slay this overseas terrorist with a Volunteers of Mass Destruction campaign.

Runtime: 5 hours

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Directed by: Bob Hall nee Budd

Genre: Horror

Tagline: Misery Loves Company the Sequel - Poison Ivy attacks

Plot Outline: Unwitting kayaker returns from well-meaning trip to Great Misery Island after employing "mad Kung Fu skills" to harvest "Invasive Species" for "Loveable Ranger Jim". Within 24 hours itching at the wrists is observed. Within days rashing on the neck, ears, legs, and belly inevitably follow. Unable to contain the itch, the kayakers nails burst yet more of the ugly blisters. The yellow liquid seeps from the open sores, pasting hair and cloting to the skin. Nearly a week passes while the kayaker sleeps little, scratching often. As the blisters subside, the sometime "ID reaction" takes hold, painting his emaciated epidermis with red spots from head to toe. By now quite exhausted and disspirited, our hero who normally disdains doctors and medication is forced to seek comfort in prednisone. A bitter pill indeed, with increased appetite and the accompanying agitation replacing an otherwise pet-like demeanor. The story ends with our hero paddling among the seals at Monomoy.

Runtime: 2 weeks

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