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Manchester SNG - Sunday 8/22


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The postponed Manchester SNG from Saturday was scheduled to launch at 9:30 AM on Sunday 8/22. Judy Whipple, Bob Clough, and I each arrived around 8:30 behind the Police Station to find an empty parking lot. The police were very friendly, encouraged us to use their "facilities", and told us that the parking lot usually does not fill up to later on Sundays -- 10 AM to 11AM.

We launched at 9:35, 1/2 hour before low tide. The ramp made launching easy, although watch out for possible slippery footing depending on what has been growing on different parts of it.

Conditions were perfect -- temperature rising towards 70 degrees...no wind, no waves. Manchester Harbor was still asleep as paddled out. We passed Ram and House Islands and headed for Bakers Island. Conditions continued to be perfect as we rounded Bakers and investigated the Gooseberries and Dry Breakers, then back west of Bakers for lunch on Misery. Elapsed time at this point was about 2 hours.

Spent some time talking to the young, friendly caretakers on Misery. He (EPA) and she (Activities Editor for the Washington Post) are from Washington, DC taking a leave from their jobs to be on Misery for the summer. The Island was busy, but we sat alone on the wonderful high point on the southeast corner of the island, eating lunch, watching all the other boats, trying to figure out our exact route around all the little islands we had passed, and enjoying the sun (watch out for poisen ivy if you walk in the woods).

After lunch the wind had picked up. We paddled out between Misery and Little Misery to growing and confused swells. We passed the eastern side of House Island on the way to explore Lobster Cove. Conditions were on the increase so we headed in between House and Ram Island. It was a good experience for those who were looking for practice in more challenging conditions and everyone handled the waves well.

We headed back to the put-in for a well deserved drink at Masconomo Park and dreams of our next trip -- Manchester, MA to Manchester, England and return (might be a two-day trip?).


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