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Portsmouth,NH Aug 22, 2004

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Portsmouth,NH Aug 22, 2004

A S&G was put up on the web site by Steve and his friend Bob, to invite all to join him; thanks Steve, that's the spirit.

We did the typical Gerrish Island loop; ocean was dead flat, but a very beautiful day and an opportunity to paddle with some good paddlers, new to the club, who have taken it up after years of whitewater. We got a little ahead of the tide and did an "African Queen" thing thru the creek. This timing did however put us into stronger currents and boat wakes later on in the middle of the river channel in Portsmouth. We went up around the north end of Badger Island where I see the currents were over 3kts, and on ebb get over 4kt. There were lots of restaurant patrons watching from their outdoor tables. A large upstream eddy forms next to a restaurant patio near the tug boat dock, where I though Brain was buying a beer (no, just looking.)

I had not been in the stronger currents of the Piscataqua and it was good fun. Bob and Steve have spent lots of time in that area and had one story of almost pining a boat on the upstream side of the bridge abutments. With the big boat wakes on a busy summer day and strong current from the flood tide, it has some of the qualities of Woods Hole without the long drive.

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