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Surfing Long Beach

Bill Gwynn

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Thanks Bill for the great pictures. I am sorry I did not make it last night. As Werner puts it so articulately, "Walter, some times you have to work. Its called responsibility." I had to wooooorrrrrkkkk last night. I even have trouble typing the word let alone saying it.

The sun set was real nice.

Well since I am tied up at night this week got to go get a paddle wet this morning.

Keep a paddle in the water(:-)))


Impex Serenity


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how else to explain all the excitement about the occaisonal foot and half wave...? "Here IT comes!!! It's yours! It's yours!!!" Too funny. Had a great time. Thanks for coming out to play. Suzy can play on my team anytime. Instead of carrying the ball, bats and gloves, she towed me back to launch. We played 'til dark. I had my dark glasses and could barely see a thing. (Plus, when she wasn't looking, I took some nice rest. :) ).


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