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Walter, Roger and I, Rockport, Aug 1st, 2004

Bill Gwynn

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We met at Back Beach at 10:00am, and headed out to Staitsmouth Light in search of some fun amoung the rocks. There wasn't much to be had, but we made the most of what was there. A lonely seal popped up right in front of me with a look on his face that said, "what are you doing on my wave". I managed to get my camera out for a quick shot. We then headed straight across to Thatcher Island, there we some decent 2 foot swells that made it at least a little interesting. Once we got to Thatchers, there was a big sign at the boat ramp that said "Island Closed", we stopped for just a minute, then headed across to Lands End, we just peeked around the corner there, then decided to head back towards Loblolly Cove where we stopped for a nice lunch break. After lunch we followed the coast back towards Straitsmouth, and then back out to the light to see if the waves were any better, no such luck, but once again, we made the best of it, and had some fun. After a time check, we started to head back (5 hour time limit on the parking meter), on the way there was a adolescent seal hauled out on the rocks, we stopped for some pictures, and this young seal actually seemed to pose for his photo. We took a quick tour through Rockport Harbor, then back to the put-in. Total distance about 11 miles.

Here's a link to the pics i took. [http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/080104]

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Thank you so much for the pictures. My family and I really enjoyed them. And thanks to both you and Ol' Walter Sea Dog for the fine company on a great day, surf or no surf.

And just where was Loblolly cove, anyway? I feel like we got lost in the Bermuda Triangle for a while . . .

p.s. Just got back from the mall with a new (same) hat. Let it and my lost water bottle rest in peace in the deep.


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Bill it was great paddling with you and Roger. I see you have not had the heart to tell Roger that we eat lunch in Loblolly cove. The pictures were outstanding. I have several of your pictures on the wall.


Impex Serenity

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