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Lanes Cove to Thatcher's Island


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Rick called a last minute show'n'go, and Dee, Jill, Gerry, and Jeff came along for the ride. The waters were calm, much to Rick's disgust, but fun was had by all. The usual rocks and ledges were visited by the usual people. Beautiful day, good company, and a typical great paddle, with only two unusual events worthy of note (and Dee gets the nickel for both of them).

One, finding a bit of surf out at the Salvages, Dee and a seal rode a wave very nicely together. I almost got it into the camera, but alas, not quite.

Later, paddling back towards home, Dee stopped suddenly, fumbled into her day hatch, and answered her cell phone! This doesn't even need a punch line, does it?

I played with my new camera, and took a zillion shots, but I'm still finding the best settings for paddling and trying to figure out a good way to keep it handy. I loaded a few shots onto kayakpics.com, see link below.


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As usual the post paddle was also memorable. Jeff and I found "Heaven" -- that is a great little ice cream shop right near Lane's cove (just a few doors before you turn down the road to the cove). Good gourmet flavors and a real nice lady who runs it. Good eats for a hot day after a long, fun paddle.


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