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(10/24/98 -- Chris Perkins) Plum Island Show & Go (with intestinal issues!)


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On Saturday, the Faster-Farther crew left Pavillion Beach and headed for open ocean. We headed up the relatively featureless expanse of Plum Island with a strong offshore wind (~20 knots) to contend with. I think we were all kind of hoping to circumnavigate the island, but as a group we decided we were running too late to manage either the tide or sunset. As it was we paddled well up into the town on the north end of Plum Island until the agreed on turn around time of 3:30.

The group got fairly strung out on the way back along the same stretch of Plum Island. Leon later properly chastized me for paddling alone in the middle. The trip back was for me a real "slog", to use Keith's word, as I was having some digestive discomfort. We turned the corner around the south end of Plum Island right at sunset, a little after 5:30 when the current was at full ebb. I still wasn't feeling great and was continuing to plod on with my destination in sight. After a while of this it suddenly donned on me that not only was it taking me a long time to get there, I was actually going backwards. That was the splash of cold water that I needed. I put on the steam and made a proper ferry across. I was not in real danger, but still I had a moment of apprehension that made me think about how easy it is to get in trouble. (BTW, I felt much better once I was out of my boat.)


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