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Circumnavigation of Castle Neck - 8 May 2004

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Arrived at Pavilion Beach (Ipswich) sometime in the late morning, not keeping time well since the clock in the Forester went to the hereafter (that's gotta be where clocks go). The morning sun was bright and and the forecast easterlies were greeting us. Thanks to tide tool, we were also not surprised to see much sand between us and the water.

"So how is it going to be in this new boat?" I thought as I brought the boats down and we loaded up. "Well, lots more room for stuff". Once our tubs were empty and the boats were full we donned our fleece and drysuits and tandem-carried the boats to the water. My first attempt to launch was aborted, just couldn't get that new spray skirt on. That one was too small. I imagine I could get used to struggling with the beast but being accustomed to a skirt that pops off at the mere suggestion of exiting (not to mention leaning the boat for a turn) it was better to return to the Forester for old reliable. That one's just right.

From here we slogged against current and wind to the mouth of Plum Island sound where I took my first break. "Right leg not holding my weight" I see as I stood next to my boat, ungracefully collapsing back into the wet sand. "When I get home, out goes the seat." Easy for me to say, the better half usually does the outfitting, even when power tools aren't involved.

To this point I find the Orion frequently behaving badly, skeg down and all. Not finding our progress impressive, I begin to fret. This being my first trip in the Orion, I privately think of returning to the beach from whence we recently disembarked. I am convinced to continue the intended route when reminded of the wind and current we have been facing and swirling in. "From here we just need to round the point," she says, pointing off in the distance. So off we go around Castle Neck. As beaches and dunes are want to do as you reach one "point" you realize that more is around the corner and rounding the point becomes an elusive goal. Maybe Brian was right after all?

A ways down the beach we move away from shore to avoid the breaking surf. Along the way we encounter four ducks, three fly away and we assume the fourth dove. The three scare up a few more along their way and the hastily formed gaggle disappear from our view and interest. Later still we encounter more of these ducks, eventually sending hundreds of them into simultaneous flight as we draw near and simply cannot paddle around the large flock. We continue amidst the considerable din.

As we reach the end of Crane's beach we choose discretion over valour and stop just short of the end for a short lunch. By now, its clear the new boat will do for me. We surf into the beach in a lull and sit backs to the wind (it turned back into our faces soon after leaving Plum Island sound) with our lunch. I must admit that the quiet of the season, soon to be broken by various motors, makes this a choice location so close to home.

After lunch its around the corner and down the back side to Fox River. With the wind now at our backs we cover the sandy shore to our right with considerably less effort and are able to share some thoughtful moments. As Castle Hill looms largest before us we realize that the river starts aways inland and turn thus.

To our left we see a modest swimming platform with two occupants. Oddly the platform is making a respectable progress. As we draw closer first a wake, then a small motor boat emerge behind the platform.

A bit further down we spy the first of two egrets amid the marshy grass. This bird takes flight, after so many times seeing it I still find the way they tuck their necks in fascinating and remember how strange these birds look from beneath as they fly over. Further up, as we find yet another inlet that is not the way to Fox River, I spy the second egret (or perhaps the first a re-egret?) fishing. Alas, I am not rewarded with seeing a catch before I return my gaze and attention to the task of reaching Fox River.

Eventually, we see the bridge and head under and beyond. Two trees flower beautifully at marsh's edge just past the bridge. Having reached the river at high tide the passage is easy and our isolation strikes us both as wonderful. We pop out near, and pass around, Little Neck and return to the beach. Before I doff my dry suit and fleece after enjoying my first sun shower. This could be the end to my unique PPPO hairstyles.

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