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The Graves; April 17th, 2004


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Geez, Shane. Good thing we kept you off the roads today. You were much less of a menace to yourself and others with "arsch in boat"!

Great trip, beautiful day, a fun group, but need more rocks. And if anybody needs more rescue practice, just give me a call, I'm your man!


Mark Stephens,

Surge, in Transformation

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OH, I already carry a helmet and roll of tape. After my last trip when I nearly holed the boat, I figured I better at least be carryin' a roll of tape when I go out. Either that or a whole bunch of NSPN stickers...

I definitely need to master the roll soon, tho. Like, really soon.

And maybe occasionally even put that helmet on...

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Well, if it makes you feel any better, Mark wore a Bob Burnett mask for a while and we all pretended it was you.


naw, he didn't really - but next time we will know. I'm gonna start keeping one in with my safety gear.

"Would a knife help protect you against a ‘curious’ shark? I don’t know but I would like the option." - Trevor Gardner

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