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(9-20-98 -- Keith Attenborough) Paddling on Ipswich Bay

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Sunday morning launched from Lane's Cove on Cape Ann (take Rt 128 to the rotary at exit 11, from the rotary head up Rt 127, past Annisquam, the UMASS Marine Station and continue. Take the left just after the Lanesville Market. Park anywhere that doesn't block the road. Launch from the head of the cove -- walking distance varies with the tide).

Went through the sea wall (a great granite wall) and into Ipswich Bay. Went southwesterly, out past C"1", past the red and white bell bouy and towards Essex Bay. Tide was just past low and coming in. Water reasonably flat, a little wind out of the southwest.

It got a little interesting outside the mouth of the Essex Bay for two reasons -- as the bottom shoaled up, there was some breaking surf that I got one ride on -- first real ride on a breaking wave. Almost buried the bow, which is tough in my Romany. Second, I say my first fin -- as in triangular, brown, moving across my bow, about 8" out of the water. Tried to spot the beast below the fin and hung around the area to see if I could spot it again, and while I saw the shadow, I could not positively state what it was. Any speculation?

Got into Essex Bay, through a good eddy. Several sailboats anchored behind Crane Beach. Had to do chores at home, so almost immediately turned back, this time sticking closer to the shoreline. Two very interesting stone houses (castles?) on the corner of Coffin Beach, river right as you exit the river. Looked like there were built at the same time, but with different roof lines. Crossed in front of the Annisquam River and past the light. Continued along the shore past the rest of the coves and back to Lane's Cove. Total trip length 7.3NM.

Overall, a pleasant, protected paddle with lots of beach and some interesting houses along the shore. A good morning wake up, or for a quick "have to paddle but don't have a lot of time". location. I really like launching out of Lane's Cove. Can go either way, including an easy reach to get to Rockport.

Anyway, it was a good paddle and let me get back to chores by around noon.

See you on the water.


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>Just realized this was a post from '98.....

Yep, we (the Web Committee) found a copy of the old NSPN trip reports, which apparently got lost in the transition to the new web site. We decided to repost them in the Trip Report Conference because, after all, they ~are~ trip reports. I'd guess that nothing similar to this conference existed back in 98, so they were originally posted in a special place on the web site.

Anyway, I find it fascinating to read Keith's old reports from the days when he was not only a novice, but also, apparently, used a different sort of paddle than the one he now enjoys. ;-)))

Maybe someday we'll hear or see the story of how that transition happened. Is it in past reports to come, or has Keith not yet committed it to "paper"?


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>novice? NOVICE???

Relatively speaking, of course.

>are you mad, david?

Always possible, of course. And you?

>1998 was just the other day, friend:

Time flies when you're having fun. Are we yet?

>keith attenborough was already ahead of most

>sea-kayakers and was already more-than familiar with

>greenland paddles

Well, I assumed that since he was in a BCU 2-3 class, he hadn't yet converted. But I guess we know what "assume" parses to.

>be more careful what you write...

Yes sir!

--David ;-)))))))))

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