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Swampscott Paddle

Bill Gwynn

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My brother and I went out today, what a beautiful day! We put in at Fishermans Beach in Swampscott, paddled out to dread ledge. There were a couple of seals there, but were very skittish and kept their distance from us. From there we followed the coast toward Marblehead. When we got just about the the Swampscott/Marblehead border, we headed out to Ram Island and paddled around the island looking for a place to land. Couldn't find any real decent place to land, so we headed straight back to Off Rock, saw one more seal just as we started back. When we got back to Dread Ledge we tried to sneak up to see the seals, but apparently they heard us coming anyways, we saw just one in the water. I was quite surprised at how clear the water was... we estimated we could see about 25 feet. Total trip was about 7 miles, a nice easy start to the new season. We have posted some pics here http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/022904 and here http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/022904brad


P&H Capella...All White

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