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on saturday morning ciro, christopher, marjorie, suze and i set out from marblehead harbor with no particular place to go. marjorie was kind enough to let me borrow a pintail under the caveat that i treat it better than my own boat. a very reasonable request, all things being equal.

we set out and meandered up and around childrens/cat island and just gunkholed. the pintial, yikes - so that boat like to play, huh? you think turn...it turns. you think go play in the rocks...it goes and plays in the rocks. you think lets go straight...it turns and goes and plays in the rocks. so you'll never GET anywhere but it's mighty fun if you just want to gunkhole. now, if i only fit. anyone now a good witch doctor? i need a bit of shrinking.

we eventually landed and managed to unfold, unspindle and unmutilate my now numb legs from the confines of the pintail and we ate. and this was the actual agenda. for those of you that have paddled with suze, you know that this is a wonderful goal - the food. our repast included homemade chicken stew and cornbread. my appreciation for kayaking has truly blossomed since suze started in her boat with the club. of course, we paid for this with rescues as she took every opportunity to swim. apparently she was quite hot.

we left the beach fat and happy and headed over to the misery's, back around children's/cat island and then eventually back into the harbor and shore.

the day was peaceful and fun - the paddling equivalent of a constitutional. we spent as much time laughing and just chucking rocks as paddling and that's a pretty good saturday.

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