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A nearly-full-moon paddle along Cape Ann...


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In the words of Suzanne: nine set out and eight returned! (Well, it wasn't so much a case of one paddler; but of an early departure by Keith Qajaq in order to get home before midnight!)

What with a piper standing up on the seawall at Lane's Cove, serenading us as we paddled out through the gap; a huge, bright moon climbing above us and a beautiful fall evening with the red stains of sunset still visible in the west -- it could hardly have been any better! (Well, it , perhaps have been so -- Suzanne had no waves in which to frolic, for one thing, and no wind: I wonder if she felt slightly deprived?)

On the other hand, we saw some new faces (welcome Alan Hammersmith and brothers Bill and Brad Gwynn) and had a perfect evening on the waters around Cape Ann.

The trip, you ask? We paddled gently across to Coffin's and into the Annisquam, up and down Lobster Cove -- nothing demanding, you understand. We at the culvert under 127; but chose not to investigate more closely; had an encounter with a somewhat-territorial swan (a male?); paddled through some of the moored sailing boats and those of us at the back were surprised to be addressed from one darkened yacht -- an anonymous female voice calling out to us advising of lesser current on the port side (we knew that!). She also complimented us on our spectacular night-club looks (ask Brad!)

After leaving the river we stopped for a quick snack on the beach just west of Annisquam light before heading home along the rocky shore. It was almost bright enough to read the names on the map without any flashlight. We got off the water at about ten o'clock, I think, and your scribe was home at eleven.

Thank you for the great company, everyone (Suzanne Pritchett, Keith Attenborough, Rick Crangle, Jonathan Richardson, Gerry Smith, Alan Hammersmith and the two Gwynns!)

A decent report, Uncle Bob?

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