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Tybee Island, GA - 27-28SEP03


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Great story, and very understandable. Nice link to the shark tooth in the kayak. I'm not going to tell the wife about that one. The first time she saw the mountain dew commercial with the whale that swallows the kayaker she turned to me and asked seriously if they could do that. The next time on the ocean she worried about the whales. I don't want her to start worrying about sharks...


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Years and years ago, (I was maybe 20 or so) I was at Virginia

Beach, floating on an air mattress out past the breakers. I

guess I fell asleep. The low-flying Coast Guard helicopter

that went directly over me sure woke me up, though. He was

flying parallel to the beach. Then I looked and noticed some

people on the beach were pointing out to sea. Since I didn't

seem to be necessarily the object of their attention, I began

to look around. FINS! Close fins! Up until then, I didn't

realize a heart could pound like that. After a while I,

cautiously at first, and then, very vigorously, paddled the

crap out of the air mattress wildly with my arms to the beach.

My underarms were actually bleeding from the edges of the

rough material rubbing them. Ran up to my family only to hear

them ask "Did you see those dolphins?"

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