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Couldn't find Fabian - 9/7


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Sunday 9/7, Boston Harbor Outer Islands, put-in/take-out @ Windmill Point (Hull Gut).

Ten of us gathered and launched at high-tide slack on Sunday, after watching a non-NSPN group take off a few minutes earlier. Anticipation of Fabian's effects had mentally prepared us for conditions, but they were nowhere to be found (in fact, we should have been twelve, but two headed elsewhere for the surfing). The entire day proved to be nearly glasslike, with hardly a ripple to be found anywhere...profoundly calm for the outer islands, and doubly so with a storm off the coast.

The morning was spent paddling over to George's Island, where we hiked around and explored the Civil War fort, followed by a lazy loop around Lovell Island, east to Calf, then down to Little Brewster. We stopped for occasional rides when a surf line could be found, but they were very minor.

A quick lunch on Little Brewster was followed by a private tour of Boston Light by a new found friend. By prearrangement, he toured us, then prepared his kayak to join us in the afternoon paddle. We then headed outwards to Graves Light, which is dark, forbidding, and covered with skanky bird schmear. All of us but one declined the nasty landing -- with the lone landlubber treating us to dramatic oratory from the lighthouse stairs (there's a ham in every crowd, right?). We all played in the rocks a bit, and finally found a hole with some moving water big enough to give us pause. Pause. More pause. Nope, nobody was willing to venture the seal landing...probably a good thing. Back down to Shag Rocks, Little Brewster (where we drop off our friend), and back to the take-out just in time for low-tide slack.

Uneventful, beautiful, calm. A fine day for aesthetics. GPS showed about 15 statue miles. Fun group - well matched for temperament & speed. No injuries worse than sunburn, and no new holes in boats. PPPO at the Red Parrot on Nantasket Beach (food and beer ok, service...what service?).

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