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my favorite martian (trip)

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at the urging of an ever time conscious liz, 7 of us left greasy pole last night promptly at 6:30 for a mars by no moonlight trip out to the dogbar.

as we paddled out with several of us only occassionally crowding the channel, we made our way out past ten pound island and into the clearing evening. arrivinng early, we went out past the dogbar, past the foreign fishing fleet and played for a bit on the outside. not much happening but the rocks were very soft (ie, covered in a thick mat of seaweed) and it would make for a fine spot to play with any weather.

we meandered back to the little cove by the lighthouse station, pulled the boats up high along the beach to prevent their departing before our return on the incoming tide and under a cloud of 'skeeters walked out to the end of the dogbar with our chow and warm clothes slung over our shoulders.

at the end we set up a tarp to protect us from the "presents" the gulls have left all over the rocks and broke out the wonderful food that marks so many nspn trips. peaches, crackers, bread and boursin (pronounced bore-sin in american despite mr godfrey's shudder at each utterance) we ate beneath the darkened sky. we were then quited entertained to see the bright light of mars in the sky. especially as it approached and then eventually landed at logan....and determining that mars couldn't possibly land at logan we again turned skyward and actually found what was probably mars. or at least a plane stuck in the sky - anyone's guess.

then after carefully adjusting her aluminum hat against martian mind control, bethany distributed mars, milky way and galaxy bars as a perfect and apropos dessert. she claimed the hat was to ward off martian control but it seemed to several of us that she had the hat a little "too ready" if you know what i mean so please be careful around her - speak in low soothing tones and then paddle backward away slowly.

generally a really good thing, isn't it?

we paddled back to the bright light of the big city and were landed exactly on time. we saw mars but mostly we were on/around the water and that's what we really wanted.

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