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Walnuts, Weddings and Fog.

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The third annual Casco Bay trip occurred on Saturday and I believe that fun was had by all. A couple people told me to ask latter when asked if they where having fun but they said it with a smile. After playing the normal games of this is our part of the beach please stay on your part with the outfitter groups. We were able to put out without a hitch, no forgotten paddles or PFD’s to deal with a great start. On the way across to Little Diamond a seal of some sort was seen by most of the people on the right side of the pod, just a start to the numerous different types of wild life that was seen during the day. The first rest stop (Walnut brownies were served and were very good) was at the end of Cow Island, which is now watched over by Riptide where we were informed of a kayaking trip to raise money for classes for the underprivileged out on Cow Island. (See riptide.com for info) We informed them that their trip was the same week as the great NSPN birthday bash and that they could not compete with that, but thanks for the invite. The next stop was Great diamond cove for lunch and the annual watching of the wedding party stare in horror at the underdressed uncouth kayakers as we paraded to the restrooms and store past the nicely decorated hall. During lunch the decision was made for a short detour to MIKO (SP) to allow for purchase of small items that we always need (with most of the money and credit cards at home it would be safe to stop and “Just Look”). While in route to the store a friendly weather report from on of the yacht club racers informed us of a fog bank coming in. Upon looking that the clouds behind us the wise decision was made by non-other than the co presidents to do the prudent thing and beat feet for the put in before we became speed bumps for motor boats. A speedy paddle back to the put in was done with no real excitement. We did see the transfer of a person from a sailboat to a Coast Guard boat and then to the waiting ambulance at the boat ramp. The beach landing was basically uneventful while we did win a few points for being nice neighbors by carrying other peoples kayak up to the parking lot. We did beat the fog but not by much before my kayak was on my car you could just make out Fort Goge if you squinted your eyes and tipped your head just right.

I can not attest to the success of the PPO but from the lack of post about the trip it looks like some people may still be recovering.

Jim could you sign me and a friend up now for next years trip please.


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Great report, thanks Bob! One minor correction... the organization that owns Cow Island is Rippleffect (rather than riptide but I do like the latter name better ;-)) and their website is


And, yes, we all definitely had FUN!


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The trip out of Portland is becoming a annual event. With 16 boats and all the food treats. BTW haveing leaders like you and Carl run the trip made it a fun event. The sign ups for next year have just started.

Jim B

The one thing that unites all human beings,regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic

background,is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average Paddlers.

P & H Orion

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