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Rescues and Salvages 6/30

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After find some outrageous parking+launching fees at Granite Pier, 5 paddlers scrounged for parking and launched from Back Beach. Adam warned the local boat traffic and authorities of our rescues practice with a securite call and Sir Godfrey promptly paddled for some rocks and capsized there. Adam performed the first scoop rescue and we continued with a variety of self and assisted rescues for about 45 minutes. At the end, as Adam emptied his boat hatches, the Harbormaster came by and thanked us for the securite call.

Then we set out for the Salvages, stopping briefly at the long uncompleted breakwater. There were about 1 foot seas at the Salvages which gave us something to play in in the gaps between the rocks. We weren't there very long when some curious heads started poking up from the water around the Salvages. Eventually they ventured into the rocks and started popping up between our boats, not shying away from eye contact at all.

After the tide had receded some, we landed on the Wet Salvages for lunch. The heads still watching us from the water. Eventually, one of the seals landed on another of the rocks while we were eating and talking. Since we missed the landing, we weren't able to study his technique.

We split into two groups for the trip back which was uneventful, lacking even boat traffic for the most part except for the schooner that set of a startling (for me) cannon off of Front Beach.

Dee Hall

Impex Currituck, Blue over Ivory

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i'd have to say i reckon there were 3' waves outside the dry salvage rocks, on the SE side.

did you know we paddled right over a wreck? there is a fairly recent one (40-50 yrs) ENE of the low salvages. (i just found out yesterday, online) it was a fishing vessel that started taking on water through the transom and sank fairly quickly: no human casualties.

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