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maine show-n go 28th/29th

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launched in afternoon at spring point in portland. made the obligatory pilgrimage to peaks and said hi. up to overset, chatted with a few of the locals and then up the inside between cliff and jewell. paddled around cocktail cove looking for a good site and settled on surprise beach. set the tents quick and then paddled east to eagle island - the home of admiral perry. the admiral however accepts no visitors after 5 and so were turned away sans tour. no worries. back on down to surprise beach, ate and talked with a group that had paddled in for the overnight.

got up and left the beach around 9:30 and directly west down to overset and then the inside passage on down to the micko boathouse where we carefully arrived too late to partake in the around island race. timing is indeed everything.

hung around the boathouse and saw nspn's own KEN COOPER come in 2nd in the race out to outter green. dang, he is fast.

hot, no condtions and no night nav with only 2 in the group (some discretion is a good thing). the camping however was very nice and it's better to be on the water than just about anywhere else.

NOTE - if you are on peaks on sunday afternoon -AVOID JONE LANDING as a ppo. YIKES! we were sitting there and saw the entire contents of the 12:30 ferry disgorge it's contents into the place. lunch was VERY slow in coming. if you have time to kill though...oh hell yeah!

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