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Mystic Lake Cleanup & Paddle


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Six energetic NSPNers (Richard Najarian, Shane "curious shark" Smith, Mike Ravicz, Marc Schlosser, David Lewis, Cathy Foley) plus two in-spirit NSPNers (Deb Dempesey, who had a last-minute personal crisis; Marjorie Woodwell, who was on long-scheduled vacation) plus two friends of Mike (Ann and Donna), plus two Tufts Sailors showed up on a chilly Saturday morning May 3 to render the foul banks of the Mystic fair once more.

After downing some dounts (donated by Dunkin Donuts) and liquids, we fanned out to some of the foulest spots on the shoreline to collect bottles, cups, diapers, and assorted other trash dating back to the Dukakis administration. As the bags by the roadside began to bulge, the eyes of our friendly MDC guides bulged too, and by the time we were done we were all offered permanent jobs cleaning the urban waterways of Boston! Apparently we had gathered far more trash than a group twice our size working down at Alewife! Some credit undoubtedly goes to the density of trash in our chosen area, but apparently kayaking fits one well for collecting junk.

We politely declined the job offers, though some of us need one, but promised to do it again on a regular basis, since our group, efficient though it was, was not large enough to cover the goal of the whole eastern shoreline of Upper Mystic Lake. The MDC folks collected the pokers, rakes and unused bags and rode off with a truckload of our foul fruit.

Afterwards, six of us in various configurations and boats (including a tandem canoe) paddled down the River to the 7th Annual Mystic Watershed Herring Run Festival, where most of the runners wore sneakers rather than fins. We then returned and rode off ourselves, happy in our public service.

Check out the pictures (not edited or culled much) at http://www.triadic.com/Mystic2003/pictures.htm .


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Congratulations to David and his team for spearheading this very impressive project!

Garbage to gorgeous!

The Upper Mystic Lake shoreline went from an uninviting garbage pit to a beautiful pristine environment. It was amazing how just a few people could make such a dramatic difference in appearance. The before and after was overwhelming.

The MDC should make it mandatory that a person spend one hour of cleanup duty before being allowed to use any of its property.

Many thanks.........well done!

Richard Najarian

Email: brucemedi@aol.com

Romany White, Blue trim

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