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Beverly Harbor 4/25

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Yesterday evening I learned about an old NSPN rule. The first to land is responsible for the trip report.

Since the Bass Haven Yacht Club is less than a mile from our house, there seemed to be some irony in the amount of time my husband and I took tying our kayaks to the roof of the car, even if it was the first time with both boats on the new rack system. We arrived without incident and with plenty of time before the launch.

Six paddlers had an uneventful launch and a leisurely paddled down the Bass River despite going against the tide. There were very few boats out, and the one channel crossing on the way out was very brief because it is very narrow. I could probably spit across it.

The tide under the Beverly Salem Bridge was a little stiffer, but nothing anybody in the group had trouble with. We stuck what we thought was near the shore, but then discovered as we saw a boat heading directly towards us that the channel has been moved to right along the shore because of the drilling platform for the gas line. We quickly scooted closer to the piers and continued on our way.

We stopped briefly after the Jubilee Yacht Club to stretch our legs. Then we paddled directly across Beverly Harbor towards the west end of Salem Willows. We continued at a very leisurely pace back, following the Salem coastline until we reached the bridge again. The group split at one point as four of us got caught up in conversation (yes, I can't walk and chew gum either).

We paddled back through the Bass River without encountering any boat traffic this time reaching the launch just as the sun reached the horizon. Jim picked up an errant piece of Styrofoam on the way back leaving the Harbor cleaner than we found it.

The PPPO was held at the Acalpulcos restaurant across the street from the Yacht Club in Cummings Center. A satisfying meal after an equally satisfying paddle.

Dee Hall

Impex Currituck, Blue over Ivory

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Every Litter bit helps :-))

Jim B

The one thing that unites all human beings,regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic

background,is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average Paddlers.

P & H Orion

Yellow over White


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