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3/08/02 Marblehead

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It was a great day on the water. Actually what is a great day on the water? Could be a hot July day paddling the Islands of Maine. Could be a Full Moon trip with the NSPN gang. Could be a freezing cold January day, with hot drinks in the gut and in the gloves. Or it could have been Saturday. Mike Sabin and I departed Marblehead’s Riverhead Beach. Tide was low so we drove our trucks down to the water and unloaded. The sky was without clouds, the breeze nil, the temperature near 45.

As we headed nowhere in particular, the leftover swells produced a potential for a rock garden tour. With gentle swells and both of us recovering from one thing or another, we were not looking for the 6 footers of old. As we approached a likely set of rocks we discovered, Mike had a jammed skeg cable. A quick stop and “good old duct tape” and we were off for a day of poking, bumping and follow the leader. Yes, boys will be boys. The afternoon wind did pick up and offered a cooling air flow and a little more action to the water.

As we pulled into the takeout, I had the feeling this was going to be a great year on the water. Now what is a great year?

Jim B

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental


P & H Orion

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