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Sunday 1/19/03 - First Sub Freezing Winter Pa


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Time was running out for the Jnuary paddle and I had to work on MLK day. So my wife and I headed out for Boston Harbor. The object was to circumnavigate Thompson Island. We had scoped out the harbor the on Saturday walking the dog along the beach. No ice on the harbor and the put in on Morrissey Boulevard was clear. Not! The only ice free put it was South Boston on Sunday. We were quite the curios sight to the joggers and walkers while loading our gear into our boats. More than one person asked where we were going and why. We headed around the north side of the Island out of the wind and cruised the back side of the island. Coming round the southern tip, there was a flat sea ice. The tide was going out, so we ferried down the sand bar over to the ice free channel. There was no way through the ice, so we re-traced our steps back to the put in. There was no one in the harbor except for the ferries and a single tugboat. Back at the beach the ice covered boats were reloaded on the car after some hot drinks. It was a good day on the water. I'm aready looking forward to the Febuary paddle.

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Well, my fermenting idea of a quick paddle in the harbor this Sunday may have been nixed. Was the little bay off Morrisey Blvd totally iced in? May be now given the weather this past week.

So, was the Carson Beach launch was ice free? I might have to drive by sometime this weekend. I am getting a wicked case of cabin fever.


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Morrisey Blvd was totally iced in from UMass to the channel under the bridge out to Thompson Island. Only the river section was open. The ice as not very thick last weekend. The boat crashed through when I ran up on it, buthere was no place to put the paddle. I'm sure there is more now.

We'll try again some time in Febuary with Spectacle as an alternative destination.

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