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Multi-club trip


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On Saturday, Sept. 14 NSPN hosted this year's multi-club trip. The Boston Sea Kayak Club (BSKC), the Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Association (RICKA) and Connyak (Connecticut) participated.

To avoid overburdening any one put in location, trips departed from different spots and we all met up on Great Misery Island. The weather was perfect, although a bit tame for the Level 4/5 folks.

Here are the totals:

From Manchester Harbor: 32 boats (one double)

From Gloucester Harbor: 13 boats

From Beverly Lynch Park: 14 boats

From Marblehead Harbor: 18 boats

Grand total: 77

The Connyak folks are talking about hosting next year's multi-club trip, if they can work out the dicey launch space issues on the Connecticut shores.

I also had the opportunity to speak briefly with the leadership of other clubs about a New England sea kayak "rodeo" day. It would be great fun but take a lot of energy and dedication to organize. Since all clubs are totally volunteer run THIS MEANS YOU! Stay tuned.

My compliments to the NSPN Level 2 paddlers. They did so well on the way out, the trip leaders offered them the option - which they took - of taking the more open ocean route back. We paddled outside Little Misery and House Island, with the wind picking up a bit, some wave action and a few sailboats coming our way. A few white knuckles but everyone handled bumping it up a notch. Great job group!

Liz N.

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