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Squam trip report 8-31

Paul Sylvester

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On Saturday 8-31 12 of us had a nice day on Squam lake. We started with a 9:30 put in that went smooth with no late arrivals.

The lake was a little breezy as we headed out of Pipers Cove but the wind diminished quite soon.We made our way up through the islands to Rattlesnake cove. We practiced some rescues and rolls before stopping for lunch. Those of us that got wet were a little cool. Even though it was a summer day it was overcast and cool.

After a long stop some were in there boats for roll practice in the cove.

We went north around Hoag island and then down through the lake.

Boat traffic was very quiet. We stopped at the cove where Peter Fonda crashed his motorcycle in the famous movie. :')

After a stop at Moon island we made our way back to the put in at Pipers cove. The sun came out for a little at the end of the trip.

It was a easy and a peaceful day. Thanks to my helpers.

All were ready to go on time with all the needed skills and equipment.

Thanks, Paul

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