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Bumpkin Island Kayak Camping 7/20-2


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Bumpkin Island Kayak Camping

On the morning of July 20th, several intrepid souls gathered for a kayaking expedition to remote Bumpkin Island. In the face of inclement weather (rainy drizzle and 15 knot winds) these brave explorers launched from Hingham Harbor to begin the arduous 2 mile paddle to Bumpkin. Upon arrival on the island, the explorers set up base camp. After a hearty meal and making merry the paddlers once again set off to explore the surrounding islands.

The afternoon conditions made for an idyllic paddle around Grape Island (the local skunk preserve) and Slate island. The next leg of the paddle was very exciting for these explorers as it involved a channel crossing and wakes from the mighty CAT (ferry) and several other large boats. Some members of the team squealed in delight at these “following seas”, while others greeted them with tension until they caught their first ride and a grin was soon evident. After the crossing the explorers headed over to Peddock’s Island, which upon first look appears to be three islands. At Peddock’s everyone took a break and walked around. Upon this hike an urchin named Oscar was

adopted by a team member, hoping to give him a good home. Upon launching a small gear related problem was discovered with one of the team member’s spray skirt, soon fixed by team member Gear Head. The tired explorers then returned to Bumpkin Island for a joint repast with everything from corn on the cob to mashed potatoes. As evening approached several paddlers decided to explore the island in the moonlight. Upon a last check that the boats were, indeed, above the high tide line and everything was secure, two shadowy paddlers appeared in the moonlight. It was soon discovered that these phantoms were in reality members of our team unable to join us earlier. They were soon helped ashore and settled into their own cozy campsite. What started out as a dreary, windy day finished with a beautiful

moonlight night on glassy seas. The next morning was very relaxing spent giggling over making pancakes and lazily repacking gear. After launching from Bumpkin Island the explorers split into two groups in order to get some members back early. The remaining paddlers headed over to World’s End, having no idea that the world ended in a stinky, shoe-sucking mud… After swimming, water fights and mud baths, the decision was made to finally head back to the put-in. Back at the put-in more mud was waiting there for our enjoyment (the joys of Hingham at dead low tide!). All-in-all a wonderful, relaxing trip with much fun and merriment had by all!

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