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Newcastle, not Gerrish nice anyway!

Paul Sylvester

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Ten of us had a pleasant paddle around Newcastle Island in Portsmouth harbor on sunday 6-23.

Doing my last minute checks I was surprised to see a small craft advisory for waters from Merrimac,Ma to Stonington, Me put up on the 3 am update.Even though the winds were not to build until the afternoon I knew we would play it safe and take the alternate route.

We headed out of Odiorne park and out through the breakwater turning left to go up the side of the Piscatiqua. We rounded the point at the Coast Guard station and wound our way up though the moored boats. It was foggy and overcast and the few that were getting their large boats ready for the water must have been discouraged about another dank day. Not us, though I wished that the group could have had a better view of the area.

We went up to Four Tree Island which is attached to Pierces Island and took a break. This is a nice spot with a commanding view of the area near the Memorial Bridge.

We took a detour up by the tugboats and salt piles. All of the harborside restaurants were empty as it was still before noon. Then past the Pierces boat launch and behind Colidges Island for a break. (This may be the old name for the Island)

A few tried other boats and paddles and then we were off on the final short leg of the trip.

When we came out by the Wentworth marina we were in more fog. Local knowledge set us in the right direction. We were back at the put-in around 1:30 or 2:00. No rain,no sun,6-7 miles

All members of the group were great. It was a relaxing little paddle and I like showing new people the area.

After a PPPO at a local spot that does not serve "burgers" we were all on our way home.

Thanks to Chad,Mike,Lisa and all for your help. Paul Sylvester

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